5 Ways to Prove the Value of the Legal Department

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It is always important to prove the value of your legal department. This article offers you some 5 ways to prove the value of the legal department.



Establish the new normal

It is important to carry out a periodic health check. Regardless of what you might have done in the past, it is important to carry out a health check as a vital step to establish a roadmap and meeting the set goals. Take a step back and receive an objective opinion on where you are and where you aspire to be.

Be updated with the best practices

It is vital to ensure that your billing department is relevant and make sure that you follow the rules that give support to them. Come up with clear expectations with other outside counsel and change the expectations as the department evolves. Your guidelines should be updated and make sure that your rules are highly optimized to give support to the billing guidelines.

Hire the best companies to represent you

It is important that you understand the law companies that operate up to your standards at any time. Thus, you need to come up with a vendor management plan that will assist you in defining the expectations you have on vendors, design metrics to make assessment of their performance and create a way to communicate the results you get to them. At the final end, you will get better results and relationships with the law companies you select to move on working with.


Collaborate with outside counsel

It is good to collaborate and network with outside counsel for legal and other form of advice. You need to ask them to give you advice on matters related to finances, budget and others. A good budgeting processing and enhance communication and collaboration with the counsel you are collaborating with. You should also ask the counsel to come up with expectations and help you in managing costs. By doing this, you end up establishing goals and creating a dialogue. Take issues related to budgeting as more than just a number given. By building a process to understand the right budget, communicating risk to the budget, assess the accuracy of budgets, you will have effective management of your company.

Manage through measurement

Key-Performance-IndicatorsIt is worth noting that dashboards bring a lot of numbers to life. You need to come up with vital performance indicators for the legal department and share the results proactively. By sharing the results in a proactive manner you allow the general counsel to show the success you have made in the department during the next meeting. With a well designed reporting strategy, you will be able to make identification of the best ways to optimize the way you present your results and the way the results are also distributed. You will also be able to tell the story of all the happenings in the departments in a clear and concise manner. This makes everyone has a clear picture of the entire legal department and how it is performing.