15 Most Influential Law Blogs 

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Law blogs are influencing the lives of people, as they want to stay on top of legal matters. Apart from that, a good law blog should keep people alert and with up to date or everyday law practices. These people can be professional lawyers, students, teachers, or any other professional in the field of law, and those people interested in law. There are a lot of information that these law blogs offer.

blog-lawMaybe you want to know what the meaning of certain legal terms or more insight about them for instance the process followed when you want to file for a personal injury, or when you qualify for one, and maybe what to do whenever you want to claim investments written on a will, among others. To help you know some of the law blogs to find, here is a list of 15 most influential law blogs. The method or criteria of selection were based on:

  • Those law blogs that have the authors recognized as working in the field of law, or studying law.
  • Those blogs that offer everyday insights about law practices.
  • Those blogs that have unique content rather than duplicates from other public law resources.
  • Those blogs that were frequently or most visited.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

Screen-shot-2011-05-12-at-10.26.55-PM1. Above The Law

This blog gives in-depth insight to matters relating to law, especially in the US. Founded by David Lat who is a legal commentator and author. He graduated from Harvard Collegeand attended Yale law school. His blog provides its readers with information based on salaries, law firms for employment opportunities, insight about drugs, law schools, news on crimes and other law activities.

2. Inside privacy Blog

This is another blog that has really influenced the lives of people.The Covington &Burling Attorneys created it. The information offered include insight on privacy matters, data security, and everyday news on privacy and data security developments.

3. The Art of Law Report Blog

The blog provides relevant information on the matters involving art. On top of that, it provides the legal approach to matters concerning art that includes the right to possession or intellectual property ownership and first amendment.

4. Start Up Law Blog

It provides educational insights, general information, and general understanding of the law. Their website is easy to handle and most often readers post comments which they usually reply to.

5. Opinio Juris

opinio_jurisIf you are into international law and international relations. This is just your site. The site founded in 2005 by Chris Borgen, a law professor at St. John’s University alongside Julian Ku of Hoftra Law School offers almost all insight concerning international law with the recent international news. In addition, they report and comment on international scholarships as well.

6. Legalethics.com

The blog offers or provides insight on law matters based on ethics and technology.

7. The 10b-5 Daily Blog

This blog will capture your attention on news and events that concerns the security class action litigation.

8. The D & O Diary Blog

Started by lawyer, Kevin LaCroix. The blog highlights issues associated with cyber security, trading, and affordable care act.

9. Cruise Law News Blog

Founded by Jim Walker an attorney and an advocate for the cruise passengers. However he shows exceptional passion and enthusiasm in the protection of passenger rights in the cruise industry as a whole.

10. IPWatchdog Blog

This blog offers insight on issues such as business, policy and substance of patent protection, and other intellectual property ownerships such as copyrights and trademark.

11. Underdog

This criminal defense blog offers information related to matters concerning criminal defense to its readers.

12. Wall Street Journal Law Blog

The blog offers all matters related to law.wsj-twitter-lawblog_400x400

13. Ms. JD

This blog provides information on law matters for the sole purpose of empowering women to be successful in law schools and the law profession. It provides news on employment opportunities, law schools, among others.

14. Canna Law Blog 

print-headerThis blog focuses majorly on issues that affect marijuana business. The founders or team constantly participates in daily business through writing and commenting.

15. CrimLaw

This blog by practicing attorney, Ken Lammers, offers news and in depth insight and analysis of criminal cases.

There you have it, 15 most influential law blogs. Hope they provide you with the insight you are looking for.

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A Second DUI Offense

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Odds are, in case you’re confronting your second DUI charge, you undoubtedly realize that you’re facing some intense legal issues. Regardless of the possibility that you figured out how to get off the light on your first DUI charge, somebody ought to have made it clear to you what the potential outcomes of a second DUI could be. None of that matters in case you’re now confronting the charge, however. What’s vital now is to verify you have the best representation conceivable with the goal that you can confront the charge and get the best credible results.

banner1While a DUI is taken care of uniquely in contrast to one state to the following, it is viewed as an intense issue all through the United States, and is a charge which few judges are slanted to show forgiveness on. On the off chance that you are confronting a DUI charge, particularly on the off chance that it is your second DUI, you have to contact an intense, experienced DUI John Bales Attorneys immediately.

The sooner you have somebody on your case, the additional time they will need to build a defense for you. Verify the lawyer you utilize limits his practice to DUI defense and that he has a demonstrated track record with second DUI cases.


DUIs are treated uniquely in contrast to one state to the following, yet wherever you will be, you can count on the court system to consider a second DUI offense important. You require a prepared DUI defense lawyer who takes your defense and your rights pretty much as seriously as the court takes your offense.

According to the team at Florida Injury Firm, Utilizing an accomplished DUI lawyer who is local to your range is key. A local lawyer who limits his practice to DUI defense will be acquainted with the judges in the zone, and can make qualified suggestions to you in light of involvement with those judges and how they have taken care of second DUI charges previously. For more information, please visit this link: johnbales.com

images (3)

Each court circumstance is distinctive, and there’s never an ensure that you will have the capacity to escape a second DUI charge or might get a light sentence, yet having a lawyer who limits his practice to DUI cases gives you the best risks of the best conceivable result given your circumstance.

Be arranged for any supplication deal with your legal counselor on the off chance that they find themselves able to work out for you to incorporate some form of alcohol abuse classes or AA meetings. Regardless of the fact that you don’t believe you have a serious drinking issue (and maybe you don’t; the legal limit for blood alcohol substance is essentially underneath the level that would demonstrate a high degree of intoxication in numerous states) you will need to completely agree with your lawyer’s recommendations to enter some form of alcohol abuse treatment before your case makes it to trial.

In this way, when considering regardless of whether to get behind the wheel and drive in the wake of having a few drinks, consider what the expense may be. Furthermore, in the event that you get popped with that second DUI, don’t hold up to call a DUI lawyer. They have the ability and experience to get you the best result workable for your DUI.


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Balancing the Prospect for Litigation Cost Savings

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Norton Rose Fulbright has released an annual survey report of the 2015 litigation trends. It has been said to be the most extensive in the history of the bench-marking surveys that are respected. The survey was found to have polled over 800 team members of the corporate counsel. It operated in over 26 countries so as to gauge the views an essential population.

The views ranged from the concerns and issues, as well as the trends of litigation. In this article are the reviewed highlights of the survey and there has been noted that 5 takeaways considered as key should be of great interest to the professionals of litigation.

To begin with, class actions have been found to be everywhere. Of all the respondents, a quarter were found to report that a single class or a group action that were all against the companies in the 12 months that had preceded the annual survey. 71% of the respondents who had reported class action were found to have more than a single one that was filed against the specific company in the previous one year.


In addition, most headaches are caused by government investigations. Investigations and regulatory matters have been a focus for the in-house counsel. O f the total respondents, 39% cited the governmental investigations as top concerns. Among the companies that had very high revenues, 51% have indicated that there are many regulatory proceedings that were pending against the companies. Almost half the population also indicated that their specific companies had retained an outside counsel assistance. This is in governments or in regulatory investigation.

imagesMore so, there are regulatory proceedings and litigation that have grown. In overall, there were a 25% of the respondents who anticipate litigation that is against their companies increasing in one year. This is in comparison with just a 14% who predicted that it would otherwise decrease. A 22 percent of the population increased outside firms’ number on their specific rosters in the past years. However, half of the population has been found to spend more time in the past three years while addressing the requests of the regulatory as well as the proceedings of the enforcement.

Moreover, the lawsuits over workforce and contracts are most common. A list that had more than 20 categories of the pending litigation that were being faced by their specific companies over the last like one year was offered. They were thus asked to the select the top five. Labor and contracts as well as regulatory and employment were also presented to the respondents. Investigations were found to have received the highest selections from the population. They were followed by IP/ patients and personal injury.

for_law_firm_website_by_box426-d3feczeFinally, in the United States, litigation has more robust. The respondents that were US based have reported more litigious business environments unlike their peers. 55% on the other hand face more than a total of five lawsuits that are filled against their specific companies in the previous one year. This is as compared to the 23% that are in the United Kingdom and a percentage of 22 in Australia. Only 18% of companies in us reported absence of lawsuits as compared to a 42% in UK and only 36% in Australia.

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5 Ways to Prove the Value of the Legal Department

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It is always important to prove the value of your legal department. This article offers you some 5 ways to prove the value of the legal department.



Establish the new normal

It is important to carry out a periodic health check. Regardless of what you might have done in the past, it is important to carry out a health check as a vital step to establish a roadmap and meeting the set goals. Take a step back and receive an objective opinion on where you are and where you aspire to be.

Be updated with the best practices

It is vital to ensure that your billing department is relevant and make sure that you follow the rules that give support to them. Come up with clear expectations with other outside counsel and change the expectations as the department evolves. Your guidelines should be updated and make sure that your rules are highly optimized to give support to the billing guidelines.

Hire the best companies to represent you

It is important that you understand the law companies that operate up to your standards at any time. Thus, you need to come up with a vendor management plan that will assist you in defining the expectations you have on vendors, design metrics to make assessment of their performance and create a way to communicate the results you get to them. At the final end, you will get better results and relationships with the law companies you select to move on working with.


Collaborate with outside counsel

It is good to collaborate and network with outside counsel for legal and other form of advice. You need to ask them to give you advice on matters related to finances, budget and others. A good budgeting processing and enhance communication and collaboration with the counsel you are collaborating with. You should also ask the counsel to come up with expectations and help you in managing costs. By doing this, you end up establishing goals and creating a dialogue. Take issues related to budgeting as more than just a number given. By building a process to understand the right budget, communicating risk to the budget, assess the accuracy of budgets, you will have effective management of your company.

Manage through measurement

Key-Performance-IndicatorsIt is worth noting that dashboards bring a lot of numbers to life. You need to come up with vital performance indicators for the legal department and share the results proactively. By sharing the results in a proactive manner you allow the general counsel to show the success you have made in the department during the next meeting. With a well designed reporting strategy, you will be able to make identification of the best ways to optimize the way you present your results and the way the results are also distributed. You will also be able to tell the story of all the happenings in the departments in a clear and concise manner. This makes everyone has a clear picture of the entire legal department and how it is performing.

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Tips For Choosing The Most Suitable business Lawyer from Small Law Firm’s

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Each business includes a lot of legal work. Eventually of time it gets to be important to take essential guidance from a good law on different legal matters. This legal mentoring done by Mississauga law help people to take care of business their choices.

Truth be told each business, big or small, should be connected with a firm in order to stay aware on all grounds. The recommendations a man gets by these law firms straightforwardly affect your strategy. Consequently, it is vital to pick the right lawyer for your business. Fundamentally, there are some key components which one should search for.
It is extremely vital that you employ a business lawyer who can give the right advice. The lawyer should be experienced and qualified to manage the complex legal circumstances. Business lawyers can perform an incredible employment and make the formation of company simple


Experience says a considerable measure when legal matters are concerned. The firm that has knowledgeable and experienced people in it should be your first decision. Such people keep themselves familiar with legal information of each field. This at last advantages the people who get connected with such firms.


Track record

Ask for the company’s reputation and verify it is great. Check whether the companies connected with them in the past profited or not. This will assist you with learning whether the firm created ideal results for their clients or not.

Working style

Since the law firms will work closely with you, in this manner you should be comfortable with their working style. Discover responses to specific inquiries like; are the same people assigned out for you’re firm? Do you have a say in it? Do they clarify their system? Is their methodology creative?

about-cwRealms Covered

On the off chance that you are picking legal help, you should dependably break down previously about the spots where you may wind up utilizing legal help. These spots could be regions where you execute your operations or have suppliers or any kind of tie-ups with companies. In this manner, it is ideal to check the assets of your law firm with the goal that you can benefit them at whatever point and wherever you require them.


Sometimes, a quick discussion or conclusion is all that a man looks for while making a business move. Vital conferences or end minute inquiries are a few situations when such a need can kick. Accessibility of your lawyer in such situations has all the effect.


People who are frank, assertive, loyal, friendly and professional are the best ones to work with. To discover such characteristics you can either get in touch with one of their current clients or Firm-photo-2010converse with people you know they have managed.

Your desires from your law firm could be pretty much, yet the above examined focuses are some fundamental focuses you must follow keeping in mind the end goal to locate the ideal law firm for you.It is on account of we realize what our clients expect and we genuinely put stock in it. If you have decided to connect your organization with a law firm, then your pursuit certainly closes here!

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